Seattle Marathon 2015


Seattle Marathon

It is that exciting time of the year again for the opportunity to help runners from our community at the Seattle Marathon.  This event is happening on Sunday, November 29, 2015. 

It has been a tradition for the Bastyr Sport Medicine Club to provide assistance and treatment to athletes before and/or after their run. You will not only gain clinical experience, but also see patients at a fast-paced and acute setting.  The benefits also including receiving preceptorship hours from our BSMC supervisors, Dr. Masahiro Takakura, ND, DC, LAc and Dr. Calvin Kwan, ND, CKTI. Furthermore, ND Primaries if you are interested in receiving shift hours, please email for more information.

Also we are welcoming those that were unable to make it to the meetings. This is a great opportunity to come practice your physical medicine skills, learn about athlete management, and participate in the community. We look forward to seeing you at the event!

  • WhereVictory Recovery Area – Seattle Center Exhibition Hall
  • WhenSunday, November 29th, 6:30am setup – 4pm
  • Dress Code:
  • Clinic attire – business casual (button downs/dark polos, khaki/slacks), comfortable shoes
  • Bring your Bastyr ID and lanyards.
  • Personal Belongings: as minimal as possible; there is no place to store your belongings except against the wall! BSMC leaders will bring their medical equipment so you don’t have to.
  • Food: some snacks, water will be provided; please bring your own lunch


Details to keep in mind:

  • PLEASE CHECK-IN and CHECK OUT when you arrive.

◦  Every volunteer + every patient must sign consent forms!

◦  You will sign up for a number, make sure your 1st/2nd year knows these numbers and fills out the forms accordingly

  • Be professional when speaking to the runners and our supervising doctors.

◦ Address the doctors appropriately: “Dr. ______”  

◦ We are fortunate to be able to have this experience practicing under their license.

  • Stay sharp and take questions up the chain of command:

◦ Primaries –> BSMC leaders –> Doctors

◦ please do not give out health recommendations without consulting first!

Check out pictures from last year’s event at our Facebook page:

-BSMC Leadership


Kinesio Taping 1 and 2 Course

Please visit Kinesio Taping Association website for more information

What: Kinesio Taping Courses 1&2

Who: Dr. Masa Takakura will be teaching.

Next Class: November 7 – 8– contact Julieann Murella

THIS CLASS IS Specifically for Bastyr Students and Alumni only.

Please see the Kinesio Taping Association website for Classes being held elsewhere in Seattle or Portland.

There are only a FEW SPOTS LEFT, so please contact Julieann Murella to register for the class.

Students who wish to RETAKE the class to review Kinesio 1 and 2 can join for the price of $25/ day.  But, these students must bring their own tape.  There will only be a few spots open for students who wish to retake the course, so please contact Julieann Murella ASAP.

Meet Our New BSMC Leadership


We are welcoming the Fall quarter with a new Bastyr Sports Medicine Leadership Team!  Come meet the new leadership and learn about our upcoming events at our club meetings this week.

Monday: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (Location: Phys Med Room on campus)

Wednesday: 12:00 PM – 1:00PM (Location: Phys Med Room on campus)

Friday: 12:00PM – 1:00PM (Location: BCNH)

See you there!


Gigantic Bike Festival

On a beautiful weekend in August, a group of students from the Bastyr Sports Medicine Club gathered to practice their excellent skills and knowledge of physical medicine by treating the tired and accomplished bicyclists at the Gigantic Bicycle Festival in Snoqualmie, Washington. 

The bikers started at Magnuson Park in Seattle and rode the 77-100 miles to Centennial Fields Park in Snoqualmie. When they arrived at the finish-line, the Bastyr Sports Medicine Club members were able to address the athlete’s concerns, ranging from neck pain, to sore leg muscles. They also provided First-Aid for the entire festival, addressing cuts from falls and other minor injuries. The Bastyr students were under the supervision of:

 Dr. Masahiro Takakura, ND, DC, LAc

 Dr. Calvin Kwan, ND, CKTI  

 Dr. Darci Davis, ND

 Dr. Effy Germanis, ND 

The students performed quick assessments of the injuries to rule out any emergency cases and to get to the cause of injury. Following the assessment, students used a variety of physical medicine modalities, such as soft tissue mobilization, cupping, Graston, muscle energy stretches, spinal and extremity manipulation, and kinesio taping.  Bikers were recommended for appropriate follow-up treatment for home exercises, stretching and particular strategies to better improve the biomechanics of biking.

The Bastyr Sports Medicine Club was led by their captain, Leah Linder, co-captain Thien Nguyen, assistant captains: Jessica Norton, Jennalyn McBride, Julieann Murella, and Ashok Bhandari. The students: Eric Hughes, Mark Heisig, and Christine Shiao (from NCNM) gave their time and support assisting in patient care. All of the students showed their commitment and professionalism, representing naturopathic medicine and Bastyr University. Our next endeavor is the Seattle Marathon on Thanksgiving day weekend. Please support us through participation, donations for medical supplies, and our need for a medical tent. Thank you for sending us good Bastyr vibes. Our goal is to further train our students in physical medicine with a speciality in sports medicine. These volunteer events enrich the student’s clinical training. Help cheer us on!



Welcome to another year with the BSMC! After a great year with our captain, now Dr. Erica Joseph, we’re excited to welcome Amoz Van Dyke, a soon-to-be ND/MSAOM and fellow physical medicine junkie, to the team!

This summer, we were invited to the Gigantic Bike Festival to provide first aid and sports medicine to the bicyclists who adventured a 77 mile ride from Seattle to Snoqualmie. It was nice to welcome some new BSMC faces and build some team spirit under the sun! Thanks, Dr. Kwan, for supervising us!

Our first official meeting for the year will be held tomorrow (Tuesday) 12-1pm, in room 19. We’ll be giving an introduction to the club as well as plans for this upcoming 2014-2015 year!