Emerald City Classic V-Ball 2012 Summary


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The Emerald City Classic Volleyball Tournament includes 201 teams from across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Hawaii, Canada & Brazil playing for 3 days over Memorial Day weekend spanning 23 different courts.  This was the third year the Bastyr Sports Medicine Club has volunteered to provide supportive athletic & medical care for over 2,000 players aged 11-18.  34 Naturopathic Medical Students and Bastyr Sports Medicine Club Members, with our faculty advisor Dr. Takakura and naturopathic physician Dr. Shegeft provided acute injury care and evaluation in over 600 different unique contacts.  These contacts ranged from abrasions, ankle sprains, knee pain due to patellar tracking issues, ligamentous tears, and meniscal injury, hip pain, low back pain, shoulder pain due to muscle strain and tendonitis, neck pain, concussion evaluation and referral, and a suspected appendicitis/ovarian cyst rupture.

Bastyr Sports Medicine Club, spent 2 months prepping for this event by holding regular meetings to teach many of our new 1st year and 2nd year members the basics of supportive athletic taping, Muscle Energy Stretching, concussion evaluation, common volleyball positions and typical injuries.  Many of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th year students involved practiced their orthopedic and physical exam evaluation skills on injured players and reported back to Dr. Takakura, Dr. Shegeft, or other parent volunteers like John Seabrook, PA or Dr. Jeff Conwell a Pediatric Cardiologist who were supervising.  This provided valuable feedback to the students on how to approach the various injuries.  The goal being to prevent any future injury, by utilizing skills learned in hydrotherapy class to apply ice when needed, instructing players on appropriate uses of heat and contrast therapy, educating the players on proper injury care and home exercises, and discussing with their parents precautions and further care as needed.  This provided an excellent dialogue for our sports medicine members to ask pertinent medical questions, and practice their speaking skills to the general public.  Many referrals were made to the Bastyr Clinic for Natural Health for follow up.

Several of the students were able to practice modalities such as ice therapy, cold friction rub, massage, muscle energy stretching, athletic taping, Kinesio Taping, naturopathic manipulation, craniosacral therapy, history taking, physical exams of extremities, neurological evaluation for concussions, triaging acute injuries, and working as a team quickly to provide the best care.

Written by Andrew Simon(ND Grad 2013)

Emerald City Classic Volleyball 2012 Participants

Special Thanks to:

Jim Clavadetscher, ECC Event Organizer

Dr. Takakura, DC, ND, LAC (BSMC Club Supervisor)

Dr. Shegeft, ND

John Seabrook P.A.

Dr. Jeff Conwell


BSMC Captains:

Cassy Dymond (ND 2012 Grad)

Calvin Kwan (ND 2012 Grad)

BSMC Members:

Seth Enos

Adam Gardener

Monica Xu

Pa Lao

Mary Tseng

Heather Hoberg

Dan Morlan

Aron Choi

Joy Chou

Cody McNulty

Danielle Gran

Krystal Richardson

Kim Schmalfuss

Danielle Phillips-Dorsett

Aylah Clarke

Grace Chang

Hong Dinh

Anh Ngoc Le

Kevin Kuo

Andrew Simon

Warren Brown

Lily Jei Ho Chang

Corey Ojima

Beau Hooker

Erica Joseph

Heather Sandison

Nadia Kharas

Jeff Thomas

Audrey Patricio

Landon Opunui

Jessie Carroll

Alyssa Kelly

Carol Micek

Nicole Fujiyama