2016 US Gaelic Football Event Finals

Our Bastyr Sports Medicine Club has been given the opportunity to be the First Aid/Medical Team at the 2016 US Gaelic Football Finals held for the first time in Seattle.
If you are wondering what Gaelic Football is about, please click on the “Gaelic Football” link to have an idea about the sport. It is a combination of soccer, football, basketball, rugby etc… This is an intense sport as you can see which will require much necessary medical attention.  The other event being held is Gaelic Hurling which is a mix of baseball, lacrosse, golf, etc…
The BSMC would like to welcome members and students of various levels to join us in providing quality care to these players. The age ranges between 16 year olds to almost 60 years old with skill levels ranging from novice to highly skilled and trained competitors.
For this event, you will be training to tape, clean wounds, assess concussion, and to triage in a high paced environment.  It will be a great opportunity to practice your physical medicine skills as well as gain knowledge in taking care of patients between short breaks and emergent situations to becoming able to observe and learn whether the situation is safe to treat or in need of a referral to the ER.
The event will be located at Magnuson Park on Labor Day Weekend from September 2-4. We will post sign ups for shifts between 7:30am-8pm each day in early August.  There will be over a hundred teams with about 2000 athletes expected to participate in this event.
Please visit their website at http://seattle2016.com/ for more information. So get ready and gear up to join us for this awesome event.
The club meeting with Dr. Masa, Dr. Kwan and Dr. Darci will be at MIC (8012 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117).
July 30th3pm-5pm
August 8th6-8pm
August 13th3-5pm
August 22nd6-8pm