Classes Being Offered 2018


Bastyr Sports Medicine Club is e-mailing with a list of classes that will be held through Integrative Medicine Group. Dr. Masa, Dr. Kwan, Dr. Darci, Dr. Tom, Dr. Grace, Dr. Thien, and Dr. Ngoc will all be instructors for specific classes that Integrative Medicine Group are providing.

January 5-7: Craniosacral 2 taught by Dr. Masa, Dr. Ngoc, and Dr. Tom

January 13-14: Trigger Point taught by Dr. Masa, Dr. Grace, and Dr. Tom

January 27-28: Advanced Manipulation taught by Dr. Thien and Dr. Masa

February 3-4: Kinesio Taping 1/2 taught by Dr. Masa and Dr. Thien

February 10-11: Kinesio Taping 3/4 taught by Dr. Masa

February 16-18: Craniosacral 1 taught by Dr. Ngoc

If you are interested there will be a $100 non-refundable deposit check or money order payable to IMG (Integrative Medicine Group). Please contact the students listed below for deposit placement to keep your spot for the course.

Craniosacral Classes, contact Yelena Novik,
Kinesio Taping Classes, contact Raymond Chao,
Trigger Point Class, contact Jessica Norton,
Advanced Manipulation, contact Megan Roark,

Since the deposit is non-refundable, please do not sign up unless you are certain you can take the course. If we change the date, we will be responsible to return your deposit at no charge.
If you decide you’re no longer taking the course after you have placed your deposit, you will get a $50 credit to the future course only if you give us at least 2 weeks (14 days) notice prior to the course date. You are responsible to find a replacement if you want the full deposit back. Please make sure your check goes through or you will be charged an additional $35 to the original price due to bounced check fees.
If you would like to retake the course for discounted price please email us. If there is space, we will let you know.
For more information regarding classes/future courses or information regarding Integrative Medicine Group, a non-profit organization, please visit the website:
Let us know if you have any questions.