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2016 US Gaelic Football Event Finals

Our Bastyr Sports Medicine Club has been given the opportunity to be the First Aid/Medical Team at the 2016 US Gaelic Football Finals held for the first time in Seattle.
If you are wondering what Gaelic Football is about, please click on the “Gaelic Football” link to have an idea about the sport. It is a combination of soccer, football, basketball, rugby etc… This is an intense sport as you can see which will require much necessary medical attention.  The other event being held is Gaelic Hurling which is a mix of baseball, lacrosse, golf, etc…
The BSMC would like to welcome members and students of various levels to join us in providing quality care to these players. The age ranges between 16 year olds to almost 60 years old with skill levels ranging from novice to highly skilled and trained competitors.
For this event, you will be training to tape, clean wounds, assess concussion, and to triage in a high paced environment.  It will be a great opportunity to practice your physical medicine skills as well as gain knowledge in taking care of patients between short breaks and emergent situations to becoming able to observe and learn whether the situation is safe to treat or in need of a referral to the ER.
The event will be located at Magnuson Park on Labor Day Weekend from September 2-4. We will post sign ups for shifts between 7:30am-8pm each day in early August.  There will be over a hundred teams with about 2000 athletes expected to participate in this event.
Please visit their website at for more information. So get ready and gear up to join us for this awesome event.
The club meeting with Dr. Masa, Dr. Kwan and Dr. Darci will be at MIC (8012 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117).
July 30th3pm-5pm
August 8th6-8pm
August 13th3-5pm
August 22nd6-8pm

Seattle Marathon 2012

Seattle Marathon 2012


Bastyr Sports Medicine Club


Acute Injury Evaluation, Orthopedics, Massage, Muscle Energy Stretching, Sports Medicine, Athletic Taping, Naturopathic Manipulation, Kinesio Taping, & Injury Prevention.

Bastyr’s Sports Medicine Club is supervised by one of Bastyr’s Faculty Dr. Takakura ND, DC, Lac and Dr. Kwan ND, a 1st year Resident at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health.

Volunteer’s for the event include Bastyr Naturopathic Medical School Students in various years of the program that have a strong interest in Physical Medicine and musculoskeletal injury prevention.  Volunteering at the Seattle Marathon is beneficial not only to the students who are eager to practice their stretching, massage, and manipulation skills, but to the thousands of Athletes who have just finished their race and are looking for comfort and relief from pain.  Bastyr Sports Medicine Club in conjunction with the Bastyr Acupuncture team provide a valuable asset to athletes who run the Seattle Marathon.  We are a club with over 70 members strong that meet several times a week to practice, review and educate ourselves on techniques that we use for the Seattle Marathon to provide the best care possible to the athletes.

Club Leaders:

Andrew Simon, 5th year ND student & Erica Joseph 4th year ND/AOM Student

Contact us at:

Volunteer Information for Sports Medicine Club:

Bastyr Acupuncture and Sports Med Club can be found next to the Chiropractic and Massage Areas


racedayparkingmap (PDF Version)

Dr. Takakura @ World Ultimate and Guts Championship (WUGC)

World Ultimate and Guts Championship (WUGC)

Dr. Takakura was at WUGC to support the players from 22 different countries in Osaka, Japan. He treated many players from 8:00am to 6:00pm non-stop with Physical Medicine including treatment such as soft tissue and osseous manipulation, and Kinesio and Athletic taping.  If you are interested in hearing about the event, please contact Sports Medicine club in fall quarter.

Check out these Photos below!









2nd Year Perspective on ECC Volleyball Tournament

The Emerald City Classic Invitational – May 26-28

By Mary Tseng, 2nd-year ND/MSAOM Program

The ECCI (Emerald City Classic Invitational) volleyball tournament was my first preceptorship experience. I found out about the event a year ago after joining BSMC (Bastyr’s Sports Medicine Club), and because I play a lot of volleyball myself, decided to accompany the BSMC. Last year, because of class scheduling conflicts with taping training, I didn’t have the proper skills to do much else besides the honored tasks of running errands, wiping tables and bagging ice, not to mention the fact that I was the only first-year student there, but even so, I was glad to be a part of the team. I did learn a few things from my time there as I observed the upperclassmen and Dr. Takakura at work, and I gained my first true patient encounters interacting with the players and their parents.

This year, after having a little more practice and knowledge under my belt, Dr. Takakura suggested that I essentially shadow and learn from one of the most experienced upperclassmen present while I was at the tournament. Dr. Takakura was very observant, even with all that was happening simultaneously, where he would personally walk over and instruct that I take part in the hands-on assessment and treatment of the injured players. It’s amazing how much more you learn when you combine observation together with hands-on experience. Under the patient guidance of my temporary mentor, she taught me the barrage of essential questions to ask in regards to different injuries, the keys to assessing the severity and pinpoint location of injuries, and the beginnings of the principles behind the Kinesio taping method.

What I really enjoyed about this second time around at the ECCI was that I could put into practice some of the treatment techniques I learned in the hydrotherapy/physiotherapy, myofascial analysis and manipulation I courses as well as from anatomy. It was rewarding to finally be able to pseudo-treat “patients” and realize that I could assimilate key components from my courses to formulate a simple treatment plan, only after consulting with an upperclassman and/or Dr. Takakura of course. It felt good and reassuring to actually know something about an injury and have an idea of how to address it.

Not only was this a highly beneficial event from an educational perspective, but the ECCI also brought back great memories for me and gave me a stronger desire to be there all the more. Volleyball holds a very special and permanent place in my heart because of all the years I spent playing indoor, grass and beach since my teens. And watching the high school girls compete took me back to the highlights of my old high school days. All in all it was an absolutely fantastic experience from simply getting to know the awesome upperclassmen better to assisting Dr. Takakura in Kinesio taping, even though, to be honest, it was a little stressful at times.

The most important thing I learned in my 21.5 hours spent at the event was that Dr. Takakura doesn’t want the bun with his hot dog but loves vegetables, onions especially, and highly prefers mayonnaise with all that. But seriously, what I gained most out of this experience was the affirmation that what I’m here to study at Bastyr University is truly what resonates within my entire being. Not only that, but I know for certain now that wherever I end up, physical medicine and sports medicine will always be an integral part of my future private practice as a Naturopathic Doctor.

Emerald City Classic 2012 Volleyball Tournament

Seattle’s Emerald City Classic Volleyball Tournament 2012

May 26th-28th

Bastyr University’s Sports Medicine Club

is looking forward to helping the high school athletes of Washington and participating teams in yet another

Awesome Event with athletic taping, icing, and sports injury care!

Sign ups for students to get involved will be coming soon with information on how to tape ankles and wrists, athletic injury information.

Check out the rest of the website for any information on how to Athletic Tape, Muscle Energy Stretching, Orthopedic Testing that will be useful when evaluating athletes at the volleyball tournament.

Check out the Dedicated ECC 2012 Page for more information on the Clubs Involvement!