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Advanced Healing Magazine

Articles were written about some of the events we did this year in Advanced Healing Magazine! Check them out! AH_1_18_BASTYR-01.png





Hey everyone,

There have been many emails asking for clarification about the different KT classes being offered. There are two different classes; those taught by a CKTP+ (Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner) and those taught by a CKTI (Certified Kinesio Taping Instructor). Any classes that are taught by a CKTP+ are meant for non-healthcare professionals such as athletic trainers, gym teachers, etc. Taking a CKTP+ course does not allow you to become a CKTP in the future, you can only have the title of CKTT (Certified Kinesio Taping Technician). You also need to have been a CKTP prior to applying to become a CKTI. A CKTP+ gets their training from an online training course, while a CKTI must go to Kinesio Taping Headquarters and go through a thorough examination process to achieve their title and ability to teach other healthcare providers.

 In terms of the course information, classes taught by a CKTP+ will teach you how to apply Kinesio Taping Precuts only. On the contrary, classes taught by a CKTI will teach you the basics and expound on information that will allow you to make the cuts more individualized to the patient. The CKTI courses also come with a handbook that allows you to reference it in the future. Again, classes taught by a CKTI are for health care professionals and CKTP+ are not for healthcare professionals.

I hope this was helpful in terms of clarifying why there is a price and course length difference between the two. If you have any other questions regarding this subject please send us an email!



Jui-Jitsu 2018

Leaders and leaders in training from the Bastyr Sports Medicine Club, along with supervisors from Integrative Medicine Group, volunteered as medical staff at The Revolution Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi and No-Gi tournament on March 3-4, 2018. The Revolution had its largest tournament yet, with over 900 competitors, spanning from 4 years old to mid-50’s.

On Saturday the medical staff treated 18 years old and up competitors. Injuries ranged form minor cuts to being knocked unconscious. On Sunday the age range included 4-17 year olds and ranged from acute sprained ankles, to chronic lower back pain. The students were able to assist the supervisors and nurse practitioners when running onto the mats to assess competitors. Off the mats, the students were able to use their skills from school, of proper history intake of injuries, manual therapy techniques, muscle energy stretching, soft tissue manipulation, orthopedic tests, along with Kinesio taping.

Many thanks for our donation of Kinesio tape from Kinesio Taping Association International. As well as a large thank you to our supervisors from Integrative Medicine Group, Dr. Calvin Kwan, ND, CKTI and Dr. Darci Davis, ND. We also appreciate Lydia Wang for supporting us at the event with patient intake.


Seattle Marathon 2017

On November 25th, BSMC was able to provide another year of voluntary care for the Seattle Marathon runners. Even though it was a dark, windy and rainy morning, there was still over 5,000 runners and walkers that participated in this years event where experience ranged from veteran marathoners to first time runners. The Bastyr Sports Medicine Club in conjunction with the Bastyr’s Acupuncture Sports Medicine Club had the privilege of providing integrative care for the marathon participants in the form of MES, kinesio taping, Tui Na, acupuncture, and craniosacral therapy.

This year we were able to help over 100 patients with post-run stretching, musculoskeletal pain and answer any general health questions they had. Under the guidance of the supervising doctors, students were also able to practice proper patient care by implementing skills learned in classes such as orthopedic testing, acute injury evaluation, soft tissue manipulation and injury prevention. Students this year worked in pods with a primary and secondary student. Pods were then supervised by a club captain who oversaw care and was available for any questions or assistance needed. This chain of command provides students with many opportunities to both practice existing skills, and learn many new techniques by more experienced student physicians.

Thank you to all the students who participated at the event, and were eager to lend their healing hands. Special thanks to our sponsors Integrative Medicine Group, Kinesio Taping Association International, and Bastyr University. We would also like to thank Dr. Masahiro Takakura, ND, LAc, DC, Dr. Tom Yang, ND, LAc, LMP, Dr. Calvin Kwan, ND, Dr. Anh Ngoc Le, ND, LAc, and Dr. Thien Nguyen, ND, LAc for supervising the event. We appreciate them donating their time and expanding our knowledge. Additionally, we’d like to thank Lydia Wang for volunteering her time and coordinating patient intake!

Raymond Chao: “This is my second year volunteering at the Seattle Marathon. It has been a great learning experience all around; we learn how to work as a team, communicate with patients, and practice our skills. Being a dual track student, I am excited to come back in the future to time to see us integrate both Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture in an acute setting.”

Kristen Williams: “We had many students coming out with great energies who clearly made time to practice their skills before they came to the Seattle Marathon.  It makes for a smooth day when students come prepared.  Seeing students from different programs work well together was fantastic!  Our goal is for each year & event to better ourselves.”

Jessica Norton: “Volunteering at the Seattle marathon has been an amazing experience. Thanks to our supervisors, I have been able to practice and improve my orthopedic assessment as well as soft tissue and joint manipulations on dozens of patients in a fast paced setting. It has been a great way to synthesize my classroom learning and practical skills!”

Dr. Ngoc: “Each year, our club and organization continues to grow and it is great to see the passion to practice and learn continue to grow as well in all our students and our practitioners.  It takes a lot of time and dedication to prepare for an event and everyone contributes in their own way starting from the supervisor and leadership group to the student members.  Thank you for your efforts and we, practitioners and physicians of Integrative Medicine Group, look forward to our continuing collaborations.”




2017 Spikefest Charity Grass Volleyball Tournament

During the weekend of August 19th, the Bastyr Sports Medicine Club (BSMC) attended the 6th Annual CSL Chang Family Foundation, Spikefest Charity Grass Volleyball Tournament. This event brought together over 150 athletes aged 14 – 40+ that competed for a good cause. The proceeds of the event went to Urban Impact of Seattle, whose mission is to partner with communities and families to break the cycle of social, material, and spiritual poverty.  For this event, the BSMC, sponsored by Sports Medicine Associates and Integrative Medicine Group, volunteered to be the sole first aid, sports medicine, and medical team for all athletes and participants over the day event.

This event was supervised by Dr. Calvin Kwan, ND who oversaw student members of the BSMC. We provided medical care to over 50 athletes that presented with various conditions including: bruises, ankle injuries, low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, athlete biomechanics, contusions, and various forms of tendonitis. This was a great opportunity for students to further their Sports Medicine skills. Using appropriate informed consent and confidentiality measures, members were able to practice various modalities including ice therapy, cold friction rubs, soft tissue mobilization and myofascial release, muscle energy stretching and neuromuscular re-education, naturopathic joint manipulations, craniosacral therapy, athletic taping, compression taping, Leukotaping, and Kinesio taping (a generous donation from Kinesiotaping Association). Along with practicing these skills, the students practiced their history taking, physical exam and orthopedic exam skills, accurately using objective assessments, charting and assessment treatment outcomes, triaging acute injuries, wound cleaning and closure, and working in a team to provide optimal medical care!

The BSMC would like to give a big thank-you to Dr. Kwan, ND for taking the time to come out and share his expertise, and the Sports Medicine Associates and Integrative Medicine Group for sponsoring us and making this event possible. We would like to thank Tammy Chin, Hilary Wang, and Lydia Wang for connecting us to this event and allowing us to be the first medical team to oversee the event. Lastly, we would like to thank KT Association for their generous donation. We enjoyed coming out to the event and look forward to returning next year!