Seattle Marathon 2007

Bastyr and the 37th Annual Seattle Marathon 2007

            Bastyr University participated in the Seattle Marathon this November by supporting runners with post-event care.  The marathon was once again held in the rain on Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend.  Close to 12,000 men, women and children participated in the Full Marathon, Half Marathon, and Kids Marathon.  It was quite an event.  With support from Dr. Gannady Raskin, Dr. Dean Neary, and Dr. Masahiro Takakura, 12 students from Bastyr University’s Naturopathic Medicine program (Chris Merlino, Brendan Smith, Cortney Cusack, Mohammad Shegeft, Ashley May, Sage Wheeler, Annick Moffatt, Joel Noland, Hillary Roland, Jenna Zampiello, Sheetal Shah and Nhung Viet Nguyen) were there volunteering as members of the Bastyr Sports Medicine Club to provide care for terrific runners who showed determination and strength.  Runners ignited courage and inspiration by sharing their stories while receiving care.  The Bastyr Sports Medicine Club provided soft tissue work, stretching, spinal and extremity manipulation, and Kinesio taping.  Students worked hard and represented not only Bastyr, but also naturopathic medicine to the Seattle community.  The Bastyr Physical Medicine Department plans to continue providing these services for the community and representing our medicine in future events.  The Bastyr Sports Medicine Club also appreciated the presence of the Bastyr University Acupuncture team that was present at the event.

Thanks for your support!


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