ECC V-Ball 2010

Emerald City Classic (ECC) Volleyball Tournament 2010

Over Memorial Day Weekend, May 29-31 2010, a group of students and our supervising doctor, Dr. Masahiro Takakura, headed out to the University of Washington to volunteer our services.  The event was the Emerald City Classic Invitational.  This is a huge tournament for volleyball players, with ages ranging from 12-18.  The teams came from all over Washington, Oregon, and even as far as Brazil.  We provided athletic taping along with stretching, body work, soft tissue manipulation, icing, etc.  There were over 200 teams at the tournament and over 2000 participants, as well as many family members.  It was a great opportunity for us to get our name out there and for us to work with people.

We received amazing compliments and such positive remarks from the staff and athletes of the event, as well as from the parents of the athletes.  We were told that the job done by the volunteers of this club was nothing short of amazing.  The athletes felt taken care of better than any other tournament they had been to and that each and every one of the trainers was incredible.  What a great opportunity for those who volunteered their time and hard work!

A sincere gratitude goes out to the students and doctors who volunteered their time and expertise at the event.  It could not have been made possible without you.  Thank you so much!  Dr. Masahiro Takakura, Dr. Cortney Cusack, Dr. Celeste Saenz, Chad Borys, Cyndi Hope, Brenden Witte, Effy Germanis, Thomas Declemente, Ellen Sims, Rachelle Price, Joshua Leibow, Candice Staniek, Jessie Carroll, Calvin Kwan, Shawn Postma, Elizabeth Zamecki, Linda Alva, Claire Graser, Suzanne Smokevitch, Jacqueline Blakely, Daniel Heller, Emily Chao, and Darci Davis.


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