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Seattle Marathon 2012

Seattle Marathon 2012


Bastyr Sports Medicine Club


Acute Injury Evaluation, Orthopedics, Massage, Muscle Energy Stretching, Sports Medicine, Athletic Taping, Naturopathic Manipulation, Kinesio Taping, & Injury Prevention.

Bastyr’s Sports Medicine Club is supervised by one of Bastyr’s Faculty Dr. Takakura ND, DC, Lac and Dr. Kwan ND, a 1st year Resident at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health.

Volunteer’s for the event include Bastyr Naturopathic Medical School Students in various years of the program that have a strong interest in Physical Medicine and musculoskeletal injury prevention.  Volunteering at the Seattle Marathon is beneficial not only to the students who are eager to practice their stretching, massage, and manipulation skills, but to the thousands of Athletes who have just finished their race and are looking for comfort and relief from pain.  Bastyr Sports Medicine Club in conjunction with the Bastyr Acupuncture team provide a valuable asset to athletes who run the Seattle Marathon.  We are a club with over 70 members strong that meet several times a week to practice, review and educate ourselves on techniques that we use for the Seattle Marathon to provide the best care possible to the athletes.

Club Leaders:

Andrew Simon, 5th year ND student & Erica Joseph 4th year ND/AOM Student

Contact us at:  SportsMedClub@bastyr.edu

Volunteer Information for Sports Medicine Club:

Bastyr Acupuncture and Sports Med Club can be found next to the Chiropractic and Massage Areas


racedayparkingmap (PDF Version)